VIMEO Hosting Setup


To use videos from your VIMEO PRO Account:


1. In the Project Settings open the Videos Tab in the Platform Details Panel

2. Choose a DEPLOYMENT (Language and Platform combination) you want to configure

3. Select VIMEO in the Hosting Platform Selector



4. Enter a VIMEO PRO ID and click Apply Changes.



In the above example, the iOS – English DEPLOYMENT is now configured to use a VIMEO PRO video with the ID 232718463.


Linking Vimeo Pro

To permit the CMS to use the VIMEO ID you entered, you must LINK YOUR VIMEO PRO ACCOUNT to your team.

Download Permissions

In order to control whether users can download and/or stream your VIMEO videos on your apps you need to log into your VIMEO PRO account and manage these settings in VIMEO PRO.


Note: Privacy settings do not affect your ability to use a VIMEO PRO video in your apps. You can have a video set to private in VIMEO and still see it in your apps.

Copying Vimeo Settings from another Deployment


When you have setup VIMEO PRO Hosting on a particular deployment you can easily copy the settings to new deployments.

Use the Copy setting from pulldown box in the VIDEOS tab of the Platform Details Panel.


You can only copy settings to a Deployment when first creating a deployment.