Sharing Mobile Content

In order to share your mobile project, you need to send a unique URL to the person you wish to share it with.


1. First, launch the 360FLIX Android or iOS mobile app.


2. From the left hand drop down menu choose ‘share’. Since what you are sharing is a unique URL, this can be done in many ways; email, text, etc.



3. Select the app with which you would like to send the link, enter your recipient(s) name(s) and click send!

Device Activation

Before you can share your mobile app, you will need to have activated it yourself. See Device Activation.

The recipient will receive a URL that leads to a page with instructions on how to access your content on the platform(s) that you have deployed. If your recipient is accessing the link from a mobile phone, he/she will be instructed to download the 360FLIX mobile app. See Instructions on how to activate the Shared Mobile App


If accessing the share link from a desktop browser, the recipient will be directed to the web player, provided that platform has been deployed.