Sharing on AppleTV4


If you wish to share your content on the 360FLIX AppleTV4 you will need to send the recipient a Share Code. Once the Share Code is applied, the AppleTV4 App will load the content and branding specific to your Team.


1. To retrieve the Share Code you will need to be logged into the 360FLIX CMS.
Click on your profile image and choose ‘Team Settings’ from the drop down menu.


2. On the left hand menu, under Team Settings, click ‘Manage Teams’. You will now see a list of all the teams that you have access to. 


3. The Share Code to the right of your team name enables the activation of the content associated to the team’s deployment. Simply copy the Share Code, and send it to the recipient whom you wish to share your VR deployment with.


The receiving person who you would like to share your content with needs to:


1. Install the The 360FLIX App which can be found by searching for it directly in the Appstore on the AppleTV4 device.

2. Upon launching the 360FLIX app, swipe up with your controller to reveal the menu at the top. Select and click ‘Activation’.


3. Enter the 6-digit Activation Code in the empty field. The app will automatically re-skin itself with your content.