Publishing your Project


Use the Publication Settings Tab on the Platform Details Panel in the Project Settings to control the publication status of all DEPLOYMENTS of a project.

You cannot publish a project if your Publication Check List is not complete. In this case, the Publication Status will be greyed out and you will not be able to toggle from DRAFT to PUBLISHED mode until you have set up all mandatory items on the list. This is a safeguard to prevent the publication of incomplete projects.



1. Choose the Deployment you wish to publish.

2. Make sure that all items in the Publication Checklist are marked with a green checkmark.

3. Click the Publication Status Indicator and choose Published



4. Click the Publish Now Button to commit the change to the CMS.



5. Your chosen deployment is now live. The Publication date and time and are now indicated below the Publication Status Indicator.





1. To unpublish a deployment toggle the Publication Status from Published to Draft Status



2. Click the Unpublish Now Button.



3. Your chosen deployment should now be in Draft mode.