The Project Settings

On the Project Settings page all settings relating to a project and its publication are configured.

You enter the Project Settings by clicking on a Project Name in the Project List.


The Project Settings page is comprised of three components:


The Admin Panel


In the Admin Panel, you can set a title, description and poster image to help identify a project for internal use within the CMS.



Global Settings Panel


In the Global Settings Panel, you can:

1. Enable Platforms a project can publish to

2. Add Subtitles to your project

3. Add Binaural Audio Files to your project


Any settings in the Global Settings Panel are applied to all Deployments of a project.



The Platform Details Panel


In the Platform Details Panel you can:


1. Customize Your Project Description

2. Setup your video hosting

3. Control your video projection settings

4. Configure your geoblocking setting

5. Control your publication settings



A DEPLOYMENT is an important term in the CMS. A deployment is a distinct combination of platform and a language. So Android-English is a deployment. As well as iOS-English or iOS – French. The concept of deployments is important in the CMS as all projects are configured on a deployment basis.