Project Global Settings

The Project Global Settings Panel is located in the Project View and allows you to:


1. Enable platforms a project can be published to

2. Add content languages to your project

3. Add Subtitles to a Project

4. Add Binaural sound Files to a project




Click on a platform icon to enable it for publishing. A blue platform icon means that this platform is enabled as a publishing destination for your project. A white platform icon means your project will not be published on that platform.

Clicking an enabled platform will deselect it again and all DEPLOYMENTS for that platform will be lost.

Supported Platforms include: iOS, Android, GearVR/Oculus Go, Daydream, Oculus Rift, Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Web (Non-VR), AppleTV4





The Enabled Content Languages field allows you to add languages you want to publish out to. Start typing the name of a language and choose it from the drop-down list.

You must choose at least one language to be able to configure your project. There is no limit to how many languages you can add.





After choosing languages you can set the default language. The default language is the language the player apps should display if a device is set for a language NOT listed in Enabled Content Languages. If for instance, the Enabled Content Languages include English, German and French with English being specified as the default language, a phone that has been switched to Spanish will show the English CMS content.



A Deployment is an important term in the CMS. A DEPLOYMENT is a distinct combination of platform and a language. So Android-English is a deployment. As well as iOS-English or iOS – French. The concept of deployments is important in the CMS as all projects are configured on a deployment basis.