Previewing in VR


In order to preview your content on any of the VR platforms, you will need to:


1. Generate your Activation Code from the 360FLIX CMS.

2. Install the 360FLIX app on the VR device of your choice: GearVR, Daydream, Oculus Go, Oculus or HTC Vive (coming soon).

3. Upon launching the 360FLIX VR app, you will see a main menu with sample content and below a red activation button. Click ‘Activation’.


3. Enter the 6-digit Activation Code in the empty field.


4. Once you finished entering the code, the app will indicate your team and user name. Press ‘OK’ and the app will automatically re-skin and populate itself with your team’s content. You are now able to preview published and draft projects.

Activation Code

The Activation Code is only valid for ten minutes and can only be used once on one device. If you need to activate more devices you need a generate a new Activation Code.