Previewing on AppleTV4


If you wish to share your content on the 360FLIX AppleTV4 App you will need to:


1. Obtain a Six-Digit Activation Code from the 360FLIX CMS

2. Install the 360FLIX AppleTV4 App which you can find by directly searching the AppStore on your AppleTV4 device.

3. After launching the App, press and hold down the touch surface of the remote for 5 seconds until you see the Activation Screen.


4. Enter the Activation Code that you retrieved from the 360FLIX CMS. Click ‘Authenticate’. The app will automatically re-skin itself with your content.



Activation Code

The Activation Code is only valid for ten minutes and can only be used once on one device. If you need to activate more devices you need a generate a new Activation Code.