Linking to your Vimeo Pro Account


In order to link your team account to VIMEO, you will need a VIMEO PRO account and your Vimeo login credentials.


1. Choose Your Settings in the Drop Down Menu next to your User Profile.



2. Click Vimeo Activation.



3. In the Vimeo Activation Panel click Authorize Vimeo.



4. You will be redirected to Vimeo where you need to log in with your Vimeo Credentials.



5. Once logged in, Vimeo will prompt you to link your account. Click Allow.



6. You will now be redirected to the Vimeo Authorization Panel where you will see a confirmation that your Vimeo Pro account has been successfully linked.



Changing/Deauthorizing your Vimeo account


1. To deauthorize or use another Vimeo Pro account with your team click Deauthorize in the Vimeo Activation Panel.



2. You will see a warning that the projects relying on Vimeo hosting will be broken when you deauthorize Vimeo. Reauthorizing the same Vimeo Pro account will relink the projects. Click Delete Now.



Your Vimeo Pro account is now deauthorized and you can authorize another account if you wish to do so.

Each team can only link one specific Vimeo Pro account. All team projects using Vimeo hosting need to use valid Vimeo ID’s from the linked Vimeo Pro account in order to work.

Vimeo FAQ’s