Heatmap Viewer


The player apps record the viewer’s gaze four times a second. After the viewer finishes watching a video this gaze data is sent back to our servers and aggregated into a heatmap. Heatmaps are made of millions of gaze points which are constantly updated. The Heatmap Viewer visualizes this data by superimposing this data on the video to see how the gazes are distributed over time. The red areas of the heatmap indicate the areas with the most gazes.


View a live heat map from The Edge of Space Project. (Produced with KonceptVR /courtesy ARTE)

Launch Live Heat Map – Chrome Browser Only


Launching the Heatmap Viewer


To access your Heatmap Data you must first activate your Heatmap Viewer.


1. Choose Heatmaps in the Drop Down Menu next to your User Profile



2. Click the Launch Heatmaps button



4. The Heatmap Viewer will launch on a separate tab with an activation window in the center. For security reasons, you will have to activate the viewer to access your heatmap data.





1. Choose App Activation in the Settings Menu



2. In the Activate an App panel you can generate an Activation Code by entering an App name. This name allows you to keep track of heatmap activations. Include the word Heatmap in your name that can help you easily identify an activation later.



3. Enter a name and click the create button



4. You will see a pop-up window with an Activation Code. Copy the Activation Code. You have ten minutes to complete the activation before the activation code expires.



5. Open the tab with your heatmap viewer. Paste the Activation Code into the activation window and click the Activate button



6. You should see a confirmation screen that you have been successfully activated. Check to make sure that you have activated the right user and team and click OK


Security Warning

The Heatmap Viewer will remain activated even if you close your browser. To make sure no one else has access to your heatmap data on a public computer, you must log out of the Heatmap Viewer. You will need a new Activation Token the next time you want to view your heatmaps.

7. The Heatmap Viewer will now populate with a list of projects that belong to the activated user and team. The number in the bracket beside the title is the number of views that contained valid heatmap data used to generate the heatmap.



8. To launch a heatmap click the play button on a project


To view heatmaps of a project, it has to have a valid web deployment in the CMS. The web-based heatmap viewer needs the web deployment to access a valid video path to display the heatmap. Create a web deployment if the project doesn’t have one. If you do not wish the web deployment to be visible to the public, keep it in draft mode.



Log out of your heatmap viewer to revoke the permission to view heatmaps on a particular device. You will have to generate another activation token if you wish to access your heatmaps.


To log out expand the menu in the heatmap viewer and choose the Logout option.



You can also revoke heatmap viewing permission in the Devices Panel

Go to the Settings Panel and Choose Devices



Find the entry in the Activated Devices List and click the Delete Icon to revoke permissions.