Customize Video Projection Settings


Configure Field of View (FOV) and Initial View Settings in Projection Tab in the Platform Details Panel of the Project View.


The FOV regulates how much of the sphere a user will see horizontally or vertically at a given aspect ratio


Initial View is the viewing angle defined by Horizontal Rotation (Yaw) and Vertical Rotation (Pitch) of the video sphere when the video begins.


FOV of view can only be meaningfully altered on platforms where the FOV can vary. On head-mounted VR displays  (HMD’s) the field of view is fixed. The settings are therefore greyed out for these platforms.

FOV Types

The Field of can be defined as Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal. Vertical is good for preserving exact heights of scenes containing people in varying aspect ratios. Horizontal is good for preserving exact widths of scenes such as landscapes in varying aspect ratios. Diagonal FOV splits the difference.

Varying aspect ratios can occur in a web browser and other devices where the user can resize the video frame.

Settings in the Video Projection Tab are shared  between certain platforms  – changes to one will be applied to the other:


– iOS & Android

– Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and MS Mixed Reality