Custom Video Hosting Setup


To use videos from your VIMEO PRO Account:


1. In the Project Settings open the Videos Tab in the Platform Details Panel

2. Choose a DEPLOYMENT (Language and Platform combination) you want to configure

3. Select Custom Hosting in the Hosting Platform Selector



4. Select the Access Type for a custom Video path. This can be Download, Streaming or both. After you select a panel with Resolution and Encoding types will appear for each Access Type you selected.



5. Select the Resolution(s) and Encoding Type(s) you want users to have access to in your apps.



6. Enter a valid video path associated with the resolution and type of encoding you have selected.


The video path URL should have the following format:


For Downloads:

For Streaming:


7. Press Apply Changes



Your apps can now use the custom hosting video paths on your chosen DEPLOYMENT.

When configuring download and streaming access types at the same time, the apply button will only save changes to either the download or streaming path URLs. The URLs of the other access type will be cleared from the form when the page refreshes. It is, therefore, best practice to configure one access type at a time.

Copying Settings from another Deployment


When you have setup Custom Hosting on a particular deployment you can easily copy the settings to new deployments.

Use the Copy settings from pulldown box in the VIDEOS tab of the Platform Details Panel


You can only copy settings to a DEPLOYMENT when first creating a deployment.