Custom Branding


You can add Custom Branding to your apps to replace the default 360FLIX branding.


The elements that you can customize are:


1. The Splash Page: The image you see when your mobile app launches. (VR apps and the web player do not show a Splash Page).


2. The Logo: The Logo appears at the top of the mobile apps, the top-left corner of the web player as well as at the top of the VR based six grid navigation on the VR based apps.

Multiple Brands

Each team can customize their own branding. If you are dealing with more than one brand, create a new team and administrate multiple brands from within the CMS by switching teams.



To customize the branding on your apps:


1. Choose Settings in the Drop Down Menu next to your User Profile



2. In the Settings Menu Choose Application Settings



3. In the Application Languages Panel you must first add the languages you want to customize your branding for



4. Start typing the name of a language in the Enabled Languages field and choose it from the drop-down list



You must choose at least one language to be able to configure your branding. There is no limit to how many languages you can add


5. After choosing languages you need to set the default language. The default language is the language the player apps should display the branding for, if a device is set for a language NOT listed in Enabled Languages. If for instance, the Enabled Languages include English, German and French with English being specified as the default language, a phone that has been switched to Spanish will show the English branding






To replace or remove existing custom branding you must first delete the existing assets from the CMS. Click the Remove Button next to each item you want to remove or change.






Splash page (Landscape):


1. File format: png or jpg (no alpha)

2. Aspect ratio: 16:10  (it will be crop-centered depending on the actual device’s screen aspect ratio)

3. Size: 2560×1600


Splash page (Portrait):


1. File format: png or jpg (no alpha)

2. Suggested aspect ratio: 16:9 (it will be crop-centered depending on the actual device’s screen aspect ratio)

3. Size:1080×1920


Custom logo:


1. File format: png (with alpha background)

2. Aspect Ratio: Landscape (this will work better in the apps than a square (1:1) or portrait based aspect ratio.)

3. Suggested size : Minimum 96px height


Once the branding assets are uploaded the CMS will generate images in various sizes dynamically on demand dependent on the device.

Android Custom Branding

Android devices come in many screen aspect ratio variations and are not standardized like the iPhone. As a result, some Android splash pages may be cropped inconsistently and appear differently from how they are presented in the CMS