You can add subtitles to your project using the Project Global Settings Panel located in the Project View.

Added subtitles will be used across all platforms. You can add standard SRT subtitle files. The naming convention of your file should be:

The .srt file extension is the standard file extension for SRT subtitle files.  SRT stands for “SubRip Subtitle” file and is the most common subtitle/caption file format.

The _en portion of the filename is a two-digit ISO language code and allows the CMS to recognize the language of your SRT file.

DO NOT USE the “_” (underscore) character anywhere else in your file name except in front of the two digit language code or the CMS will not recognize the two-digit ISO language code.

Adding Subtitle Files


Click Select Files to select your SRT Subtitle File


Choose your subtitle file.


Your SRT will appear in the subtitle interface.


Click Upload Now to upload the file to the CMS.


You should now see the name of the subtitle language you added in listed under Subtitle Languages.

Set the Default Subtitle Language. The default subtitle language is the subtitle language the player apps should display if a device is set for a language NOT listed in Subtitles Languages. If for instance, a project has English, German and French Subtitles with English being specified as the default language, a mobile device that has been switched to Spanish will show the English Subtitles.


Deleting a Subtitle Language


To delete a subtitle language press the “x” on the respective subtitle language.

Deleting a subtitle language from the server removes the SRT file from the CMS. If you want to reinstate a deleted SRT file you need to upload it to the CMS again.


Updating a Subtitle Language


To update or change an existing SRT file, upload a new SRT file for that language and the old one will be replaced.

When naming your SRT file you do not have to use the same name as the project or the name of a previous SRT file to upload a new or replace an existing SRT file.