Activating the Web Player

In order to activate the Web player, you will need to be logged into the CMS.


1. Choose to ‘App Activation’ from the top right drop down menu



2. From the left hand menu, choose ‘Player Customization’.



3. You will now see the ‘Player Customization’ panel which allows you to:

  • Generate Links to view and share your projects
  • Customize what player elements will be included
  • Choose a default navigation mode
  • Change the player aspect ratio and dimensions

For full explanation of the customization options, go to Web Player Customization.



At a minimum, you need to choose at least the Player Type (single video/collection/all videos) and select the content you wish to preview.


4. At the bottom of the panel, click ‘Generate Embed URLs’



5. You now will see two links generated: the URL which is a direct link to view the selected content on your web browser; and the Embed link which allows you to embed the web player with your selected content in any third party website.




Web Preview

Previewing content in the Web Player can only be done once your content has been published on the Web.  Learn how to Publish your Project.