Activating Android


To activate your Android device and put it into Admin Mode you need to:


1. Obtain a Six-Digit Code Authentication Token in the CMS.

2. In your Android Device tap the Menu Item.



3. Select the Settings Menu.



4. Tap Account Login in the Activation Menu.



5. You will see an Activation Screen where you can enter you Six-Digit Activation Code.



6. Enter your six-digit activation code. After you enter the last digit of your activation code the authentication process will resume automatically. If you are getting an error message make sure you are connected to the Internet.



7. You should get a welcome response that validates your name and your team name. Your app will now populate itself with the CMS content and branding of your team.



8. You are now in Admin Mode a privileged view that allows you to see unpublished in draft mode and projects that are geo-blocked for your region, that the general public will not see in your public app.

The Device Authentication Token is only valid for ten minutes and can only be used once on one device. If you need to activate more devices you need a generate a new Device Token.