How Does it Work?

Link 360FLIX to Vimeo Pro or any 3rd party video server.

Configure your branding and 360 content.

Distribute to 10 branded app platforms.


Use Your Brand


Customize your platforms with your logo, splash page and about section in multiple languages. 

Recipients download the 360FLIX apps which automatically rebrand and populate with your content.

Use Your Brand


Customize your platforms with your logo, splash page and about section in multiple languages. 

Recipients download the 360FLIX apps which automatically rebrand and populate with your content.


International Publishing

Fully configure your apps, projects, subtitles, and branding on a per-platform basis in minutes.

Add as many languages as you need.


Fully Featured
Content Management

360FLIX gives you full control over the publishing process. Ge
oblock content, schedule project launches and manage live streams.

Join multiple teams to control and publish content for multiple client brands.

Fully Featured
Content Management

360FLIX gives you full control over the publishing process. Ge
oblock content, schedule project launches and manage live streams.

Join multiple teams to control and publish content for multiple client brands.



Multiple Platforms




Feature Rich

360FLIX is a powerful platform that lets you distribute your content with ease
across multiple brands platforms and languages


  • Multiple Platforms

    iOS, Android, Daydream, Gear VR, Oculus GO, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, Apple TV4

  • Unlimited Views

    Whether you get a thousand or ten million views 360FLIX does not charge you extra.

  • Use Your Brand

    All 360FLIX branding disappears making sure no one gets between your audience and your brand.

  • Flexible Video Hosting

    Tie into any video server. Mix and match with Vimeo Pro for ultra-affordable hosting.

  • Multilingual

    Publish projects and app platforms in as many languages as you need.

  • Heatmaps

    Access gaze based analytical data to see where your audience is looking.

  • Powerful Admin Apps

    Preview content on each platform before it goes live.

  • Multiple Teams

    Manage multiple apps, projects, and brands from one central location.


Configure your apps to stream or download content for offline viewing.
Great for demos, conferences and exhibitions.

360FLIX comes bundled with Liquid Cinema a ground-breaking software that allows filmmakers, journalists, advertisers, and educators to create sophisticated interactive cinematic VR and Non-VR experiences.




Liquid Cinema has patent-pending technology to direct user attention, allows the free combination of 360 and traditional footage in one timeline and renders gaze based graphics, text and interactive menus with 6DOF over the video at the time of playback.

Liquid Cinema supports a multi-branching narrative structure and all elements of a project can be customized across platforms and languages within minutes. Since the graphical and interactive layer is not baked into the video, adding languages, or making editorial changes to a project can be done instantly with no video rendering required ever.

Liquid Cinema’s meta-data driven approach completely changes and accelerates the creation process while making the cinematic VR experience what it was meant to be.

360FLIX’s partnership with Liquid Cinema allows creators to upload their projects straight to 360FLIX in seconds for international distribution across all platforms.

  • Easy to use Authoring Tool

    Author within an easy to use intuitive drag and drop tool in a matter of minutes. No coding necessary.


    • More …

      Liquid Cinema’s Windows-based authoring tool allows filmmakers to create interactive cinematic VR experiences intuitively and easily using a familiar timeline-based metaphor.


      See the result in real time instantly across all platforms. No rendering necessary, ever! Liquid Cinema integrates 100% into your existing workflow saving you time and money.

  • Bringing The Frame Back Into The Medium

    Liquid Cinema’s Forced Perspective feature solves one of the biggest problems in VR storytelling: directing attention.


    • More …

      Forced Perspective perfectly reframes every cut in a 360° film for the viewer, regardless of what the viewer was looking at right before the cut.


      Your audience will never miss an important action ever again because they were facing the wrong way. Best of all it is so seamless that the viewer doesn’t even notice.


      Forced Perspective is a game changer for narrative VR and just one example of how Liquid Cinema gives control back to you the filmmaker.


  • Gaze Controlled Interactive Events

    All graphical elements and effects including subtitles, animated graphics and text are live rendered and gaze controlled during playback to give you total control over the experience.


    • More …

      We know you’ve been there…a tiny mistake in a burned-in graphic or title. You dread what comes next.. rerendering the entire video..creating and uploading multiple streaming assets and waiting for servers to update. You just lost an entire day.


      Never mind those minor tweaks during the making of your VR film that cost you days and weeks.


      Liquid Cinema’s end to end live rendering approach allows you to make changes in minutes allowing you to focus on what matters the most – making your film.


  • Seamlessly Combine 360 and Flat Film

    Liquid Cinema combines 360 and 2D film in one timeline creating a new form of storytelling.


    • More …

      Liquid Cinema can play any kind of media you throw at it: 360, 360 3D, traditional 2D and 3D film and even panoramic stills.


      Unlike other players, all these formats can live in one timeline allowing Liquid Cinema to combine traditional and immersive media into one seamless experience.

  • Multi Branching Narrative

    Liquid Cinema lets you create branching stories with interactive menus. Create sophisticated multi-branching narratives using video and time based still branches.

  • Multi Platform Authoring

    Liquid Cinema lets you customize the layout, size, and behaviour of visual and interactive elements for each individual platform in minutes. You can even make changes after the film has been uploaded and gone live!


    • More …

      Cinematic VR can be enjoyed on a flat screen and on VR platforms with 3DOF and 6DOF.  The current one size fits all approach to cinematic VR is a comprise that you no longer have to live with Liquid Cinema. The same graphic can be overlaid on the flat screen, while being placed in 3D space in VR.


      Liquid Cinema gives you timelines and settings for each platform that you can customize and tweak in minutes making sure that the result is appropriate to each medium.


  • Multi Language Workflow

    Liquid Cinema makes language versioning of projects easy and economical.


    • More …

      Since all graphical elements are live rendered creating a new language version of your project is as easy as dragging and dropping the graphical assets of the new language into the authoring tool.


      Additional language assets are kept in sync so when you make changes later they are made across all languages and platforms. Add as many SRT subtitle files as you want.


      This unique feature of Liquid Cinema will allow you to redistribute and resell your VR content into multiple countries and territories with minimal cost and effort.


      Create in Liquid Cinema, upload and publish via 360FLIX’s multi-language infrastructure in as many languages as you need.

  • Publish Straight to 360FLIX

    Activate and link your install of the Liquid Cinema authoring tool and publish straight to the 360FLIX CMS. Project changes take seconds to upload and are instant.


    • More …

      Liquid Cinema projects are 100% compatible with 360FLIX. If you are a member of several 360 FLIX teams,  Liquid Cinema will let you choose with team account to publish to.


      If you make any changes to your projects you can instantly push them to 360FLIX across all platforms.


      Since Liquid Cinema only changes metadata, never touching the video files, editorial changes take only seconds to upload and are instant.


  • Adobe Premier Pro Integration

    Use the Liquid Cinema Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC to import key metadata from the Premiere Pro timeline into Liquid Cinema to save time.

    • More …

      The Liquid Cinema Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC allows the easy import of the Premiere timeline into Liquid Cinema.


      Liquid Cinema then automatically sets the forced perspective events based on the cuts and orientation of each 360 shot in the Premiere timeline.


  • Author in VR

    Preview projects in VR using an Oculus Rift. Manipulate graphics in 3D space using your controllers.


    • More …

      Liquid Cinema allows authoring for the flat screen and VR with 3DOF and 6DOF. While authoring for the flat screen is easily done on a PC monitor, creating and designing experiences for a 3DOF or 6DOF headsets on a flat screen is next to impossible.


      Liquid Cinema allows authors to utilize an Oculus Rift headset to place graphics, text and interactive menus in 3D space, in real time utilizing their controllers. Assets can be scaled, rotated and positioned with great accuracy in real time in VR for optimal spatial placement.




  • Multimedia support seamlessly combines 2D/3D flat film, 360 video, and stills in one timeline


  • Tool integrates into existing workflows


  • Live rendered graphics, subtitles, and text that can be nested in layers with custom sizing and placement for each individual platform


  • All live rendered visual elements can be controlled by the audience’s gaze


  • Game-changing features such as forced perspective that expand the grammar of cinematic VR
  • Easy to use authoring tool allowing cost-effective creation of cinematic VR experiences without an expensive developer


  • Author-once-publish-to-multiple-platforms model


  • Live updating of interactive visual and text elements in minutes saving time and money


  • Rapid turnaround time for content creation for high-pressure environments such as newsrooms



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